Who we are?

We are the largest online database for toy soldiers. With over 17 manufacturor (King & Country, Britains, Conte, First Legion, etc...) in our database we provide detail information on their products. Not only do we provide our members with detail information, you are able to manage your collection right here online. Add, remove, modify your collection database online in seconds! We also provide a multitude of reports such as; worth of you collection, price paid, number of sets in your collection, purchase dates, retired dates and much much more.

We currently have over 5,000 sets in our database ready to be added in your own personal collection. All these services are FREE upon becoming a member! It also provides a great way to keep tabs on your collection for insurance purposes.


You are probably asking yourself how often is the database updated and new items added? Items are added on a monthly basis and if some information on a particular set is missing, we have contributing members who help fill out the void. We are also developing a new section which will allow all users to add new items directly into the database once it has been reviewed by an administrator.




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  • Honour Bound
  • John Jenkins Design
  • Marlborough
  • Monarch Regalia
  • Patriot Models
  • More...


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